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Nantong Chaoyue Automobile Service Co., Ltd.
Car rental services: the company has government official car rental, institutional car rental, state-owned enterprise car rental, city bus, tourist bus, business wedding, airport pick-up and other car rental services.
Address: 200 meters from the head of Guangji Outpatient West Road, Hongqiao Road, Nantong City

Nantong Chaoyue Automobile Service Co., Ltd. - Car Rental Process

1. Temporary Short Rent/Driver Service
(1)Call to inform the car demand (rental period, vehicle type, trip, etc.) and other related requirements, customer service will provide you with information consultation such as quotation immediately;
(2)Customer service will send the car rental contract to customers by fax, email, etc.
(3)After the customer receives the rental contract and fills in the relevant contents, he stamps or signs it and sends it back.
(4)After the customer receives the contract, the order is successful; the customer will send the driver's information to the subscriber one day in advance, and then the driver will contact the subscriber.
(5)Cost settlement. After using the car, the driver and the driver settle the fees on the spot, and the invoice is delivered to the customer free of charge; after receiving the invoice, the transfer is made; and the cashier brings the invoice to the door to collect fees.

2. Long-term car rental business
(1)The two sides reached an agreement to sign a long-term car rental contract
(2)Customers subscribe to cars by telephone, mail or other means
(3)Customer service arranges vehicles according to the needs of vehicles
(4)Rent settlement. Settlement in accordance with the provisions of the contract

3. Bus Rental in Enterprises
(1)Requirement Description Call to inform the required vehicle type, route, lease time and other relevant information
(2)Quotation Bus Customer Service Provides Detailed Quotation to Your Company
(3)Both parties need to provide materials to reach an agreement, sign a bus agreement, and the bus will start running.
(4)Expense Settlement Bus Expenses Monthly Settlement