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Nantong Chaoyue Automobile Service Co., Ltd.
Car rental services: the company has government official car rental, institutional car rental, state-owned enterprise car rental, city bus, tourist bus, business wedding, airport pick-up and other car rental services.
Address: 200 meters from the head of Guangji Outpatient West Road, Hongqiao Road, Nantong City

Nantong Chaoyue Automobile Service Co., Ltd.

I. Company Profile

     Nantong Chaoyue Automobile Service Co., Ltd.Registered in the business sector, with many years of experience, is recommended by Jiangsu Transportation Department, Nantong Transportation Bureau car rental service company, currently the company. Government official car rental, public institution car rental, state-owned enterprise car rental, city bus, tourist bus, business wedding, airport pick-up and other car rental services.

Nantong Chaoyue Automobile Service Co., Ltd. Honest management, safe and reliable, to help you develop your career, safe and prosperous. We have rich experience and good service consciousness of the driver team, will drive our well-equipped road fleet to provide you with a clean, comfortable, elegant driving environment. We provide you with a variety of vehicle services suitable for your needs in Jinan and its surrounding areas.

Main business items: Nantong rental car, Nantong chartered car, Nantong commercial car, Nantong tourist car, Nantong airport pick-up and transfer car, Nantong wedding car, hotel matching car, theatre group car, long-term chartered car, temporary car and other car rental services .

Our aim is to rent a new car and serve the heart. You just need to dial our number. Rent car dedicated line: 15996552888,0513-85085588,Explain your car rental requirements to the dispatcher, and we will give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide you with perfect and professional car rental service, and strive to make your image, together with our service level, business development, to a higher level... We promise to serve you wholeheartedly.

II. Scope of Business

  Chaoyue the main business projects: Nantong car rental, on behalf of the car rental, Nantong business car rental, Nantong tourism car rental, Nantong airport pick-up car rental, wedding car rental, hotel matching car rental, Group car rental, long-term charter, temporary car rental services.

    Characteristic Business: According to the needs of customers, provide customized bus rental services. Beyond car rental, government agencies, enterprises, social organizations and individuals provide a variety of comfortable and high-quality vehicles, so that customers travel safely, conveniently and comfortably.

3. Model Display

Ordinary car series: Passat, Buick Regal, Buick LaCrosse and other models;

Luxury car series: Audi A6L, Audi A8L, Mercedes-Benz S600, BMW 760 and other models;

Bus Series: 11 Golden Cup seats, 15-17 Quanshun seats;

Business car series: Buick GL8, Buick Luzun, new Buick Business, Mercedes-Benz Viano, Mercedes-Benz MB100, Toyota Sea Lion and other models;

China Bus Series: 19-22 Toyota Coster, 33-53 Jinlong and 33-53 Yutong.

IV. Drivers

The company stipulates that the average driving age of drivers of small cars is more than 3-6 years, and that of medium and large buses is more than 6-10 years. Our company solemnly promises that all drivers will be skilled, familiar with the whole route and provide warm and thoughtful service to make your trip pleasant and efficient.