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Nantong Chaoyue Automobile Service Co., Ltd.
Car rental services: the company has government official car rental, institutional car rental, state-owned enterprise car rental, city bus, tourist bus, business wedding, airport pick-up and other car rental services.
Address: 200 meters from the head of Guangji Outpatient West Road, Hongqiao Road, Nantong City
Vehicle typeMercedes Benz -S500
Daily rental price:RMB
Over current price:RMB
Over range price:RMB
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Vehicle type :Mercedes Benz -S500  5Seats
Urban Vehicles ¥/Day(Including 8 hours and 100 kilometers )
After 8 hours ¥/hour
More than 100 kilometers later ¥/kilometre
Expenses incurred by the Division: driver's salary, fuel, passenger insurance, vehicle maintenance, etc.
Customer's expense: toll, parking fee, driver's working meal, overkilometer fee, overhour fee.
Long-distance taxis are calculated by mileage and days
Airport Transfer: Nantong Bus Station Transfer, Nantong Railway Station Transfer, Nantong Airport Transfer Detailed Telephone Contact .
 Vehicle Insurance Notification:
1. All vehicles of our company are insured according to the standard of Traffic Law.
2. Insurance content: compulsory traffic insurance, theft and rescue, glass insurance, scratch insurance, vehicle and ship tax, vehicle damage insurance, third party liability insurance, excluding exemption insurance.
Three: seat insurance: 1: small car passenger insurance 500,000 / seat; 2: large car passenger insurance 900,000 / seat.

Type Description:
New standards have been set for power performance and emissions, proving that fuel economy does not have to be at the expense of other aspects. The hybrid drive system of this vehicle is composed of a powerful eight-cylinder gasoline engine and a high-torque motor. It runs economically and can minimize the impact on the environment. With the optimized aerodynamic system, kinetic energy recovery system, ECO start/stop function and low rolling resistance tires, the S-class car consumes only 8.0 liters/100 kilometers of fuel and only 188 grams/kilometers of carbon dioxide, which is the most efficient luxury car in the world. This car not only has the traditional high-level driving comfort, large suitcase volume, luxurious interior atmosphere, but also improves flexibility.